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Version 1.0, 2022/07/21, Bernhard R. Fischer <bf@abenteuerland.at>. Original Source: https://github.com/rahra/onioncat/blob/master/doc/INTRO_TO_ONIONCAT4.txt ABSTRACT Since the beginning of the development of OnionCat in 2008 a lot has changed. Most importantly this is the replacement of Tor’s hidden services version 2 by the new hidden services version 3. This had a severe impact on the functionality of OnionCat. This …

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Onioncat and Tor Hidden Services V3

For security reasons the Tor project introduced hidden services version 3 (HSv3) which facilitate stronger cryptography to comply with modern needs for security. Onioncat was developed with version 2 of hidden services which are still in place work as expected. Unfortunately HSv3 do not integrate smoothly into the OnionCat concept but nevertheless, with a few …

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