OnionCat Repository Moved to Github

It was almost exactly 10 years ago that we started to run our OnionCat SVN repository for managing the source code.

As of today, the 9th of January 2018, the OnionCat source repository has moved to Github at https://github.com/rahra/onioncat.

This also solves the mailing list problem. To be honest, the mailing list never really worked reliably, just occasionally. All issues can now be discussed directly on Github within the issue tracker.

Evading Firewalls With OnionCat

You operate your own server running some web services, a mail submission service, an IMAP service, of course ssh for maintenance and several other services? But unfortunately you cannot reach any ports except 80 and 443 as soon as you are somewhere in a public Wifi because of firewall restrictions? Then OnionCat is your friend 🙂

This article explains how to evade a firewall to access your own services in the Internet. Continue reading

OnionCat on Android

Screenshot_2015-09-05-12-17-01This article is about how to compile and run OnionCat on Android. Unfortunately, there is no Android app which simply enables it, due to the lack of programming power.1 But if you are familiar with compiling projects and using ADB and the command line, this should be no big deal for you. Here’s how it works! Continue reading

  1. But OnionCat is a free project, thus you are invited to write a simple Android app for it 😉

Website Relaunch

Nearly five years after we published OnionCat for the first time at the 25C3 in Berlin we chose that it is time now to relaunch the primary website. Nowadays, we know that there is much more surveillance in the background as many of us might have expected as Ed Snowden has disclosed.

OnionCat being a Tor-based decentralized peer-to-peer VPN is a powerful tool to protect against surveillance. It can be used to easily connect to remote systems using protocols different than HTTP such as e.g. SSH or DNS simply by using their OnionCat-created IPv6 addresses.

This website is intended to give as much useful information about OnionCat to any user who is interested in securing network communication against surveillance.
It is not complete yet but we do our best to provide more information as soon as possible.

We have several plans to improve OnionCat and add new features.
Don’t hesitate to contact as and of course have fun and feel free — as in freedom — to use OnionCat and give us feedback!

The old Trac wiki is accessible at https://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat_trac/.